Another start-up that’s carefully considering its water source—and just about everything else—is Source Brewing. “Our pursuit is to curate the best beer drinking experience possible, which we believe is best at the Source,” says Phil Petracca, founder and managing partner. The farm-to-glass brewery is slated to open in the fall of 2018, and attention to detail will be its hallmark. The brewery plans to feature specific serving temperature per beer style, custom glassware per style, and a controlled level and density of foam per style. Foam is a big deal to Petracca. He’s also the man behind the piece of beer tech known as Fizzics, which imparts a rich aromatic tuft of foam on your beer. The locale was also considered with care. “We selected Colts Neck for its rich agricultural history and we have purchased a two-acre historic dairy farm that has a 125-plus-year- old barn that we are renovating.”

Locally sourced ingredients, craft soda, and outdoor beer garden and Cicerone certified beer tenders will round out what sounds like one very charming experience. For anyone who’s been to Screamin’ Hill Brewery in Cream Ridge, you can understand the allure of drinking beer on a farm.