Tropical Milkshake IPA

mango | Pilot Batch | Tropical IPA | vanilla beans

6.5% ABV | One of our most popular pilot batches to date is our Tropical Milkshake IPA, weighing in at a very drinkable 6.5% ABV. The base of this beer is a New England style hazy IPA that is loaded with wheat, oats, and a touch of lactose to give it a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. Almost all of the hops were added post boil to lend their juicy, tropical fruit aromas and flavors as opposed to bitterness. Before the end of fermentation we added papaya, guava, and mango to complement the fruity characteristics of the Citra, Mosaic, and Motueka hops that were then used for 2 rounds of intense dry hopping. The beer was also conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans to enhance its creamy, “milkshake-like” mouthfeel. What other fruit variations would you like to see in a future Milkshake IPA? Let us know in the comments, cheers!