Coming Fall 2018

Our brewery will be housed in a historic 125-year old barn on a 1.75-acre dairy farm featuring an indoor tap room, front courtyard, a backyard biergarten, upstairs mezzanine, and second level porch facing the sunset.

Sensorik Glass


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Drink from the Source

Handcrafted Farm-to-Glass Brews with Personality.


Enjoy a mug filled with one of our refreshing lagers outdoors in our traditional Bavarian style biergarten under the shade of hop vines growing along our reclaimed wood pergola.

Family Friendly

Kids, pets, and non-beer drinkers are welcome! We will have something for everyone to enjoy, including handcrafted sodas and cold brew coffee produced on site.

Outdoor Activities

Our expansive farm includes plenty of space for fun, outdoor activities like bocce, corn hole, giant Jenga, and giant beer pong. Or you can get comfortable by a fire pit with a fresh ale while watching the sun set.

We believe the best beer drinking experience is had at the Source.


Our mission is to create the ideal environment for people to enjoy hand-crafted, farm-to-glass ales and lagers brewed on site. We have a deep respect for beer and see it as more than just a simple beverage or means to an end. Beer can have a personality, tell a story, wow the senses, and bring people together. Small independent breweries often becomes the fabric knitting a local community together. That is our vision, and when we first saw the 125 year old dairy barn on a beautiful farm in the agricultural town of Colts Neck, NJ we knew we had found the right place set off on our mission to curate the ideal beer drinking experience.

At our farmhouse brewery you will be able taste a broad spectrum of fresh, rotating brews that can be enjoyed inside the taproom, or out on the front yard patio, the backyard biergarten, the upstairs mezzanine, or on the rooftop terrace overlooking a pristine golf course while watching a gorgeous Colts Neck sunset. Families and pets are welcome, along with beer novices and hardcore aficionados alike — we will have something for everyone to enjoy.

Ingredients will be sourced from local farmers and, in true farmhouse brewery tradition, we will brew in sync with the local harvests. In addition to several seasonal beers you can also expect to find a variety of IPAs, farmhouse saisons, German-style lagers, and stouts on tap at any given time. We believe variety is the spice of life so there will always be something new, unique, exciting, or experimental available.

For us, it’s the details that make all the difference. They are what separate a good beer from a life-changing beer drinking experience. At the Source, all details will be considered — from the overall brewery atmosphere, to the glassware selection and cleanliness, to the beer serving temperatures and carbonation levels, to the proper levels and densities of foam, to the knowledge and friendly service of our staff, etc.

We look forward to creating a memorable beer drinking experience for you and all of your loved ones to enjoy, cheers!

Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

Source Brewing

300 Route 34
Colts Neck, NJ 07722