Dunkles Bock Lager

Dunkles Bock Lager

A week prior to kegging we added Madagascar vanilla beans, resulting in a finished beer that is extremely smooth with notes of graham cracker, cocoa, maple syrup, and dark fruits layered atop a backdrop of vanilla

Apple Cider Donut Imperial Cream Ale

This is our Apple Cider Donut Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Delicious Orchards apple cider donuts, local Rabbit Hill Malthouse malts, brown sugar, and cinnamon, then refermented with Delicious Orchards 100% apple cider, and conditioned on Madagascar vanilla beans

Tropical Milkshake IPA

The base of this beer is a New England style hazy IPA that is loaded with wheat, oats, and a touch of lactose to give it a soft, pillowy mouthfeel