Source of Darkness

Imperial Stout


Introducing Source of Darkness, our 10.3% ABV international award winning Russian Imperial Stout. Big, full-bodied, complex, and layered with a multitude of bold, mouth watering aromas and flavors. For this behemoth of a brew we loaded our oversized mash tun to the brim with a variety of specialty malts including oats, caramel malts, brown malt, chocolate malt, and a touch of black malt and roasted barley. It was fermented with a yeast strain of English origin that marries its own dark fruit elements perfectly with the caramel and roasted malt flavors. We get notes of: dark chocolate cake, raw cacao, dried dates, caramelized sugar, figs, caramel dipped apple, light roast coffee, boozy warmth. Look for this one on tap for our grand opening!