Source of Darkness

Big, full-bodied, complex, and layered with a multitude of bold, mouth watering aromas and flavors

Double IPA

We love this one so much we think it will be necessary to have on tap for our grand opening

Mocha Stout

The mouthfeel is lush and smooth and the beer finishes with a nice malt balance that is not overly sweet to ensure drinkability

Brut IPA

This new take on the IPA style combines the clarity and dryness typical of a West Coast IPA with the restrained bitterness and enormous fruity hop bouquet of a New England Style IPA

Dunkles Bock Lager

A week prior to kegging we added Madagascar vanilla beans, resulting in a finished beer that is extremely smooth with notes of graham cracker, cocoa, maple syrup, and dark fruits layered atop a backdrop of vanilla

Belgian Tripel

The clean, bready, malt profile is balanced by just a touch of hop bitterness so that together they take a back seat to the pleasant fruity and spicy flavors and aromas contributed by the highly expressive and attenuating Belgian yeast strain

Farmhouse Ale

This is our latest farmhouse ale that was brewed for the fall season with a variety of heirloom corn harvested just a few miles from our brewery

French-style Saison

It is bone dry with a fruity bouquet and finishes crisp like a sparkling white wine