Double Brut IPA

gooseberry | melon | passion fruit | white grape

8.1% ABV | This is a photo of our 8.1% ABV Double Brut IPA taken from the second level mezzanine inside of our beautifully restored 19th century barn-turned-brewery. We have been experimenting a lot with this newer IPA sub-style lately and are loving the results! Brut IPAs are designed to be bone dry, light-bodied, highly effervescent, and to have a Champagne-like mouthfeel and finish. Bitterness is restrained but hop aromas and flavors are through the roof. This batch delivers big notes of strawberry, white grape, melon, passion fruit, and gooseberry. Despite being light and dry on the palate this beer also gives the perception of subtle fruity sweetness due to extreme dry hopping and an elevated alcohol content. A must try for the sparkling wine lover